On a Saturday morning in January, Msgr. Lucio Ruiz, the Secretary for the Dicastery for Communication, while meeting at his office at the Vatican, shared with us an idea that captured our hearts and imaginations. He spoke to us about the message of hope that the Holy Father had shared on March 27, 2020.  In our darkest hour, the Vicar of Christ united the world in prayer.

We remember the exact moment when we watched Pope Francis from our homes in isolation animating our faith, awaking our hearts, and lifting our spirits.

We hope this video and website help you recall that moment too. We hope that by remembering and reading again Pope Francis’ message, you too are comforted and filled with hope and reminded that the cross of Christ is our anchor, our rudder, and our hope. That we have nothing to fear for Jesus cares about us.

We thank OSV and Aleteia for making this project possible. And we thank Msgr. Ruiz, for the inspiration and support.

In Christ,

Emily Mentock and Edmundo Reyes

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